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Whistler Bookkeepers

A Dependable Bookkeeping Service for Whistler Businesses.

There are two distinct ways that Whistler-based companies can benefit by using LedgersOnline: our close proximity to your business, and our depth of knowledge with all of the major bookkeeping software solutions. Among our team members, we have bookkeepers and accountants that specialize in certain programs, such as QuickBooks, Freshbooks, Kashoo, Simply Accounting, PCLaw, and others.

Our process for providing an affordable bookkeeping service for young and seasoned companies has been warmly received by many different and diverse industries. It also allows them to gain better knowledge about their company’s books, and to provide insight that helps guide the business owner to make clearer and more informed long-term decisions.

A little more about our company: LedgersOnline has on staff a deep pool of experts, from professional bookkeepers, to Certified General Accountants, and also Chartered Accountants. Depending upon the requirements of the client, their LedgersOnline representative can draw on the knowledge of the collective whole to help augment the client’s needs. However, in the end, it’s the close relationship between your LedgersOnline representative and yourself that will be the best asset. As your LedgersOnline contact develops a strong understanding of your financial structure, they will be able to offer advice and recommendations zlong the path that your business takes.

Getting back to our location, the LedgersOnline home office is based in North Vancouver so we’re practically a neighbor to your Whistler-based firm. If you take regular trips to the city, you are welcome to drop off or courier your important financial documents to our bookkeepers at our office. For those of you accustomed to using technology in your business, you can scan, upload via smartphone, or email your documents directly to your personal bookkeeper right from your Whistler office or on the go as you do your out-of-office errands. This can be accomplished in a snap using our in-house document management application which we call LedgerDocs. Up to 20 documents can be scanned at a time, and be instantly retrieved and collaborated on by a number of users. For more information about our document management application, visit our LedgerDocs page.

About Us

When we opened our doors back in 2002, our business strategy was simple and straightforward – to provide the best bookkeeping service, while creating innovative ways to simplify the process. One of the most important ways in which we pursue innovation has been on bringing new technology into the world of bookkeeping. This technology edge not only made us a leader in cutting edge bookkeeping trends, but it’s also allowed us to work with clients around the world, including the world class city of Whistler.

By assembling a team of professional bookkeepers, Certified General Accountants, and Chartered Accountants, and making sure that they adopt new technology to pass on additional value to our clients, LedgersOnline can offer a unique bookkeeping and accounting experience that is rarely seen anywhere else. With our exclusive application hosting and document management services we have set ourselves apart from other bookkeeping and accounting firms, and are able to offer an exclusive service that is tailored around the needs of your business.

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We’re as much fans of Whistler as everyone else. Our staff are avid mountain bikers and snowboarders, and we regularly make the trek up the mountain to enjoy what Whistler has to offer all-year round. We also understand the unique challenges and opportunities that the business community in Whistler has. From the international tourists to locals, to Whistler’s many festivals and events, there is hardly ever a quiet moment in the city, especially for the local businesses. As LedgersOnline grew as a bookkeeping service firm, we’ve had the fortunate opportunity to work with clients throughout the Sea-to-Sky corridor, and provide services to a wide range of industries.

Give LedgersOnline an opportunity to provide your Whistler business with a custom quote for top flight bookkeeping service. Your solution can be tailored to precisely suit your financial needs.

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