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Professional Vancouver Bookkeepers

A Dependable Bookkeeping Service for Vancouver Businesses

At LedgersOnline, our bookkeeping service is designed around the needs of small to large businesses. It is an affordable and efficient way to get up-to-date and accurate bookkeeping records, no matter where you’re located.

We have clients throughout the Vancouver area and offer a number of solutions to make bookkeeping as simple as possible. Want to learn more? Call us today at 604-998-3041.

What is the Purpose of a Bookkeeping Business?

Properly maintained financial records are a key component to the success of any company. Hiring a bookkeeping and accounting firm will ensure that all documents, such as tax returns and other financial statements, are properly prepared and filed. This will allow you to focus more on growing your business and less on the financial details.

About Us

LedgersOnline is a North Vancouver-based accounting and bookkeeping services firm that offers an affordable and reliable way to get up-to-date and accurate financial records. We were founded in 2002. Since then, our Vancouver bookkeepers have had the opportunity to work with clients throughout Vancouver and the surrounding areas in various industries. We work with small to large-sized businesses, as well as provide support to public practice accounting firms.

Our business strategy is simple – provide the best personal bookkeeping and accounting services to our clients while creating innovative ways to simplify everything. We’ve seen it all and feel it’s best to work with our clients to develop an effective bookkeeping and accounting process. Our bookkeepers have experience with popular accounting applications and can work with your business’s current system, including QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Simply Accounting, Xero, Kashoo, Corecon, PClaw, and more.

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Plans and Pricing

Monthly Bookkeeping packages start at


Need Help with Your Bookkeeping in Vancouver?

Our accounting firm offers a full range of online accounting and bookkeeping services in Vancouver. Our chartered professional accountants have the experience and knowledge to ensure that all of your bookkeeping and accounting needs are met.

You’ll be assigned one of our Vancouver bookkeepers who will work with you to build a bookkeeping and tax plan that works for you, gathering all necessary financial statements and documents to upload them to our secure document management application (LedgerDocs). This process makes it easy to keep track of everything and stay on top of your finances.

Our team will also work with you to develop a payment structure to ensure you only pay for the services you actually use.

What Should You Consider When Looking for a Bookkeeper?

Any bookkeeper you’re considering should have quality long-term experience working with clients across multiple industries. A strong background demonstrates that they have knowledge and expertise in various types of tax and bookkeeping services. As well, it shows that they’re capable of handling a considerable workload. Using local Vancouver bookkeepers will ensure that they’re familiar with your area of operation and its nuances.

It’s important to ensure that your service provider is a chartered professional accountant or bookkeeper; they must have the necessary certifications and education to handle your company’s financial requirements properly and ethically. These factors will help ensure that they can be entrusted with your business.

At LedgersOnline, you’ll find that our team of Vancouver bookkeepers are fully qualified, both in education and experience, to assist you with all of your accounting and bookkeeping needs. Our team will ensure that everything is completed accurately and promptly.

Why Choose Us?

LedgersOnline provides custom Vancouver bookkeeping services.


With a combined 252 years’ experience in Vancouver, our chartered professional accountants have the financial skills and expertise needed to meet your business’s bookkeeping and tax needs properly.

Data Security

At LedgersOnline, we use a 256-bit SSL encryption, the same that major banks use, to keep your data safe and secure. You can feel at peace knowing that your financial documents won’t end up in anyone else’s hands.

Time Saving Process

Our LedgerDocs document management application allows you to easily collaborate with your assigned accountant by securely uploading your documents online. This makes managing your financial information easier and more efficient; you and your assigned chartered professional accountant can work within the application to ensure that your bookkeeping is in order.

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Consistent Results

At LedgersOnline, our Vancouver bookkeeping services have repeatedly met the needs of our clients for the past 20 years. Whether that be helping them get their finances back on track or save hard-earned cash, our team has proven that they can deliver on any tax or bookkeeping challenge.


At LedgersOnline, we’ve always held ourselves to a high standard – and it shows through our work. Our Vancouver bookkeepers are fully certified and have always operated with the highest level of ethics and integrity. They develop a strong bond with all of their clients, ensuring that clients feel comfortable having us handle their financial needs.

Prompt Support

Our document management application, LedgerDocs, helps our team of chartered professional accounts turnaround bookkeeping and tax work quickly. When you upload your financial documents to LedgerDocs, your assigned accountant will have access to work on your file promptly. You’ll be able to access your file from any place and at any time, making it easy to provide documents when necessary.

Vancouver is home to one of the most serene places on earth and has been highly ranked in worldwide “livable city” ratings for more than a decade. LedgersOnline has grown up working with businesses throughout Vancouver and surrounding areas in various industries, including mining, biotechnology, software development, film, and clothing.

We’re excited about the opportunity to work with your west-coast business and offer you a custom bookkeeper and accounting solution tailored to your needs.

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To learn more about how we can meet the bookkeeping needs of your Vancouver business, check out our bookkeeping page or contact us at 1-855-998-3041 to book a free consultation.