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Tips for Managing a Construction Business

It occured to us that many construction business owners possess a personal trait that nearly forces them to sacrifice themselves for their business. And rather than hire, they prefer to save money and just work harder. Or, they hire inexpensive and inexperienced people, who end up costing even more in frustration than in payroll.

With good people on their team, a construction business leader is able to scale the business and focus on their top priorities, like generating loyal customers, training managers, enforcing systems and standards, etc.

Generating a High Return on Your Time

As a construction business owner, you can start by being specific about what role will generate the highest return on your time. Take a hard look at your company to determine what needs improvement, what systems can offer you greater profitability, and which staff positions need to be filled, trained or released.

Then, make a commitment to:

  • Filling two positions that allow you to focus more time on your priorities
  • Developing and implementing one new system per week
  • Devoting 1 hour per week to mentorship and training
  • Holding employees accountable for results
  • Staying out of the decisions your managers are authorized to make
  • Leaving the office by 5 p.m.

Committing to Improvement

Operating in new and different ways daily is sometimes difficult to accomplish, but forgetting old processes and comfortable methods is even more difficult. Each day of life involves challenges, demands and trade-offs, and must be ruthless about your commitment to these three things:

  • Accepting responsibility—When winners take on a job, they get it done. Do not accept excuses like, “It’s not my fault,” “It’s not fair,” or, “That’s not my job.”
  • Accepting reality—You can’t change the past. However, you can determine your future, starting now. Make the best of what you have and make tomorrow even better by introducing slow, but steady, changes in how you manage your business.
  • Accepting risk—The definition of an entrepreneur is “one who assumes the risk for the sake of profit.” Step up professionally and personally. Take on some risks.

How well are you managing your business? Your calendar tells the story—where you spend your time is where you get results.

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