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  • 5 Tips to Set Up your Bookkeeping System for a New Company

    It is considered an obligation for every organization or business to keep its accurate bookkeeping. Records must be kept at hand especially during the end of a financial year. Any set of accounts must show the incurred expenses, revenues and profits.

  • Set Up your Bookkeeping System for a New Company

    6 Accounting Tips for Every Startup

    Starting a new business requires a lot of attention – from ensuring customer satisfaction to ensuring the highest quality in products or services. One area that needs even more focus is financial health.

  • 6 Accounting Tips for Every Startup

    Accounting and Bookkeeping help for QuickBooks Online

    Cloud accounting has officially landed on the scene and is here to stay. It allows organisations to access their financials online, instead of IT managing their own on-premise software and now burdens like maintenance, updates and more belong to a third party. This technology revolutionises operations, streamlines accounting and saves valuable time and money. However, it presents certain challenges as well.

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping help for QuickBooks Online

    Bookkeeping Mistakes Made by Small Businesses

    This post lists the top most common bookkeeping mistakes made by small businesses which many will encounter at some stage of their business growth. 

  • Bookkeeping Services: LedgersOnline’s Referrals

    Much of LedgersOnline’s success and growth is attributed to the word-of-mouth referrals from some of our great clients. We’ve been able to connect with and help many companies that were struggling with their financial reporting.


  • Bookkeeping Tips for the Holiday Season

    The holiday season is a time filled with busy days and nights, making it difficult to sometimes focus on the financial health of your business. It is easy to lose track of time during this season, when your clients want their work completed quickly.

  • Bookkeeping Tips for the Holiday Season

    Business GST Guide: What Rate to Charge Customers

    Here we will go through the importance of proper documentation, provide some information on which rate you should be charging your clients and customers and let you know the different options you have when filing your GST return and when to file.

  • Business GST Guide: What Rate to Charge Customers

    Cloud Computing Benefits for Your Business

    Businesses of all sizes, locations and industries are turning to cloud services. The cloud is a great way to run a business, since it offers many advantages and only a few disadvantages.
  • Cloud Computing Benefits for Your Business

    Common Accounting Errors Made by Small Businesses

    Many small businesses will do their own accounting and often with little expertise. This post highlights the common small business accounting errors to avoid.

  • Common Accounting Errors

    Difference Between Accrual and Cash Accounting

    The main difference between accrual and cash basis accounting is in the timing of when revenue and expenses are recognized. In this post we will also cover advantages and disadvantages of both methods.

  • Difference Between Accrual and Cash Accounting

    Five Tech & Accounting Trends for 2020

    The year ahead is bringing some new tech trends with it. Opportunities are there for businesses who are ready to adapt, embrace change and become confident data and artificial intelligence navigators.

  • Five Accounting Trends for 2020

    Five Ways to Recognise Malicious Spam Emails

    We all get our share of spam. But how do we differentiate between simple commercial spam and the types of emails that want to get us in trouble, especially if we think it might be real and from someone we know?

  • GST / HST for the Construction Industry

    A contractor, carrying on business in Canada, must register for GST/HST and obtain a “business number” if its revenues exceed $30,000 in a single calendar quarter or in four consecutive calendar quarters.

  • GST / HST and the Construction Industry

    Guide to Cloud Based Accounting

    Over the next few years online accounting for businesses of any size, is going to be the norm. As more of accounting software becomes cloud based, online accounting can reduce overall costs because it reduces or eliminates the need for in house IT resources.

  • Cloud Based Accounting

    Hiring a Freelance Bookkeeper vs. Firm

    For many small and medium sized businesses, the decision to outsource bookkeeping can be difficult, as hiring a freelance bookkeeper or a bookkeeping firm cuts into their revenues as an additional cost. On the other hand, having a qualified professional step in and take over bookkeeping gives the management team an opportunity to focus more on how to take their business to the next level.

  • Hiring a Freelance Bookkeeper vs Firm

    Hiring Quality Staff is a Top Challenge in 2019

    Talent and technology are the two primary factors impacting HR leaders this year, according to the 2019 Paychex Pulse of HR Survey. The third annual report from Paychex, Inc., a provider of integrated human capital management solutions for payroll, HR, benefits, and insurance services, showed an increased emphasis on improving employee efficiency and experience, as well as driving HR success with technology.

  • Hiring Quality Staff is a Top Challenge in 2019

    How to Choose Bookkeeping Software for Your Small Business

    You can find many online resources and reviews that can help you to choose the best bookkeeping software for your business. However, before evaluating various bookkeeping products and features, you may want to consider these 5 tips.

  • How Virtual Accounting Can Help Your Business

    Outsourcing a non-core competency services such as accounting has become an increasingly common trend for today’s businesses. Virtual accounting is the newest model to traditional outsourced methods which is more cost effective and efficient.

  • Virtual Accounting Services

    Is that Accounting Software Right for Your Business?

    Evaluating accounting software for your business can be a daunting proposition with over 4,400 common features found in today’s top accounting software products. There are certain approaches that can help determine which one is best for your company.

  • Accounting Software for your business

    Managing Cheques for your Small Business

    We often get asked questions relating to cheques and how best to handle them when using specific accounting software. To help you with cheque related tasks we've put together this blog post designed to answer two of our most frequently asked questions.