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Startup Accounting

LedgersOnline Startup Accounting Services

Startups have to deal with a variety of accounting challenges as they get their business up and running. These challenges can include tracking expenses, developing a bookkeeping system, setting up a payroll system, establishing sales tax procedures, determining tax obligations, etc. 

Dealing with these tasks can be extremely difficult for many startups. This happens due to the fact that startups frequently do not have accountants on staff to help them, and because founders typically have to prioritize the core elements of the business. 

Startup accounting services can be extremely beneficial for new companies that are struggling to handle accounting on their own. Here at Ledgers Online, we offer high-quality remote  accounting services that can be a tremendous help to your startup. 

By allowing us to handle your bookkeeping, accounting, and tax planning with our startup business packages, you will be free to focus on growing your business so that you can turn your startup into a thriving company!

Startup Accounting for You

Accounts Payable processing – allow us to simplify your accounts payable processing

Access your financial documents easily anytime, anywhere

Payroll management – let us worry about making sure your employees get paid on time so you can focus on other thing

Startup Accounting Process

Send Your Documents

Send us your documentation by courier or upload them to LedgerDocs. Our expert team will then start working on data analysis and customized reports to help you grow your business.

Your Accountant

You will work closely with our expert team of qualified CAs, CGAs, and CPAs. Your virtual accounting team is always on hand to provide dedicated support tailored to your needs.

Accounting Completed

We’ll analyze your bookkeeping information in order to provide you with key financial services, including audits and financial statements, as well as help with forecasting.

Free 30min Consultation

You can speak with one of our startup accounting professionals for a Free 30-minute consultation if you would like to learn more about our startup services. We can answer any and all questions that you might have regarding your startup business needs. We have a number of accounting plans available for you, and we can help you find the right one.

Startup Accounting Plans

Starting from
per month
Up to 25 Transactions
1-2 Employees
1-2 Credit/Bank Accounts
Ask About Plan
Starting from
per month
Up to 100 Transactions
Up to 5 Employees
1-2 Credit/Bank Accounts
Ask About Plan
Starting from
per month
Up to 200 Transactions
10+ Employees
Up to 4 Credit/Bank Accounts
Ask About Plan
Starting from
per month
Up to 300 Transactions
10+ Employees
Up to 4 Credit/Bank Accounts
Ask About Plan


  •  Bank Reconciliations
  •  Cheque Preparations
  •  Financial Statements
  •  Dedicated Bookkeeper
  •  Access to New Feature
  • Accounts Payable
  • Expense Reports
  • Help Desk
  • Free Periodic Financial Reviews
  • Access to Additional Pool of Experts
  • Accounts Receivable
  •  Payroll
  •  LedgerDocs
  •  Prompt Turnaround
  •  And More 

Meet Our Clients

About LedgersOnline

Ledgers Online is an accounting and bookkeeping firm that is based in Canada. The company has been in operation for over 20 years. Ledgers Online has a team of highly skilled bookkeepers and accountants who perform a wide range of accounting services. Most of the companies that Ledgers Online works with are small-to-midsize. However, we also offer excellent startup accounting services for new companies.

Ledgers Online can help businesses of all sizes with tasks such as managing documents, tax planning, bank and credit card reconciliations, expenses tracking, accounts payable management, payroll management, and more. Many companies trust Ledgers Online to help them with a wide variety of accounting and bookkeeping services. So, whether your company is mid-sized and in need of expenses tracking or brand new and is in need of full startup accounting services, we can help! At LedgersOnline, we take great pride in helping many businesses with accounting and bookkeeping.