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QuickBooks 2006 not compatible with Windows Vista

Quick Books 2006

As Microsoft is rolling out their new ‘Windows Vista’ operating system, we are left to debate whether or not to upgrade. The consensus from many reviewers seems to be that XP is more than sufficient for your current PC and one should only think of upgrading if buying a new computer.

However, if you are running QuickBooks 2006 and plan to upgrade to Vista, you will be facing major compatibility issues. QuickBooks notified its customers of the issue by email.

“Since QuickBooks 2006 and earlier versions were developed and released efore the introduction fo Windows Vista, these versions may be adversely affectd when used on a computer running Windows Vista.”

How do you stay up and running on QuickBooks?

If you DO NOT plan to upgrade to Vista, no action is required and you can continue to use QuickBooks.

If you DO plan to upgrade, Intuit recommends using QuickBooks 2007 as this is the only version of the product which is buit to run on Vista.

Intuit did not seek XP certification for QuickBooks 2006 and now are working on making the necessary modifications for QuickBooks 2007. You can read more details here, including Microsoft’s response to the compatibility issue.


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