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Payroll Services

Payroll Services Canada

A payroll is a business’s record of the employees and contractors who they need to compensate for their services. This extends beyond just salaries; it includes elements such as people’s leave and overtime status, attendance, retirement and medical contributions, and more. Payroll processing involves calculating employees’ net pay less all applicable deductions.

Payroll is a vital yet time-consuming administrative task. Why is it so important? Ultimately your business’s financial integrity depends on consistently implementing sound payroll practices. Maintaining proper protocols guards your reputation by ensuring you abide by your country’s labor laws and regulations. Importantly, it provides you with a high-level view of all your employees’ data in a single repository.

You may know of businesses that turn over the management of their payroll to a third party. But what is outsourcing of payroll services? Essentially, a third-party streamlines and automates the business of payroll and lets you focus on growing your enterprise.

LedgersOnline provides payroll services for the Canadian market. We’re the country’s leading online provider for small and medium-sized businesses operating across multiple industries. For almost two decades, companies have turned to us to deliver reliable online payroll services on demand. We offer an affordable yet efficient way to ensure that your affairs remain in order.

Our Process

Send Your Documents

Send us your payroll documentation by courier or upload them to LedgerDocs. Our team of payroll services experts will start analyzing your documentation to ensure that your monthly payroll process happens quickly and seamlessly. 

Your Payroll Professionals

You’ll work closely with our team of qualified payroll services experts. A knowledgeable and dedicated virtual payroll partner is always on hand to provide dedicated support tailored to your needs.

Monthly Payroll Completed

Every month, our online payroll services experts will prepare all the necessary items to ensure your regular payroll run proceeds on time and without a hitch.

Free 30min Consultation

Learn what you need to get your finances in order

Who We Support

LedgersOnline has experience in providing payroll services to clients across a range of industries. Our business payroll services experts are well-versed in the nuances that apply to specific sectors:

Payroll in the construction industry is typically more complex than it is for most businesses. That’s because such companies have to manage project pricing arrangements and shifting operating costs for design, consulting, engineering, and other professional services. Other complexities include long- and short-term contracts and payments to suppliers of construction materials. Whatever the scenario, LedgersOnline has you covered.

If you run a small business, your monthly payroll routine can quickly escalate into a headache. That’s because small businesses typically employ a blend of full-time employees, full-time and fixed-term contractors, and freelancers. Trying to keep track of what you owe to whom and when will divert your attention away from more strategic endeavors. Moreover, if you’re late paying your employees and contractors, this will harm their morale. With LedgersOnline’s payroll services, you can put those worries aside.

If you’re a franchise owner, you have more than enough to worry about just running day-to-day operations. Handing over non-core payroll services to LedgersOnline will let you focus on higher-value, income-generating endeavors. Across Canada, service, product, and business franchise owners use LedgersOnline’s payroll services to help keep on top of their monthly payroll run across multiple locations. Let us keep your employees, contractors, and franchisor smiling while you focus your time and energy on building on your franchise’s success.

Payroll Features


In line with our commitment to delivering personalized and integrated business payroll services, we plug into your existing workflow and software wherever possible.



We understand that every business’s situation is unique. Our affordable and flexible payroll process allows us to tailor a package to suit your organization and business context. 



LedgersOnline is recognized as the go-to payroll provider for Canadian businesses seeking to simplify, streamline, and expedite their monthly payroll run.

Meet Our Clients

About LedgersOnline

At LedgersOnline, we understand that you run your business with a keen eye for growth. But proper payroll management is essential to retaining your financial credibility and maintaining a high employee morale.

Our team of Canada-based payroll professionals stands ready to provide you with an affordable alternative. 

Let us take care of your payroll services while you build your business. Contact us today, and let’s talk.