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Mileage Tracking Made Easy

mileage tracking
Tracking Your Trips:Keeping track of your business trips with this app is easy. You simply hit ‘start’ in the app when beginning a trip and ‘stop’ when finishing and DriversNote uses GPS to register your trip automatically. The great thing about this app is that it also includes odometer readings and automatic calculations which are all available on-the-go. Every trip and all relevant notes are saved on DriversNote’s servers automatically and are always available to users even if you lose your phone.Documentation:

One of the key advantages to using this app for mileage tracking is its documentation feature. DriversNote provides you with an online version of your mileage log which can be easily downloaded as a PDF. This log has been specially designed to match the requirements of local tax authorities and also automatically updates rates each year and applies them to your log.


Pricing for DriversNote users varies between three plans – Lite, Basic and Enterprise. The Lite version is free and includes the use of the iPhone app and a web app to create and edit trips and download PDFs of logs. The Basic version costs 12 CAD per month and includes both iPhone and web apps, tracking and documentation on unlimited trips and automatic start and stop functionality using iBeacons. Finally, the Enterprise version costs 30 CAD per month and includes the basic solution along with admin tools and custom integrations. As always, we recommend you start off by testing the app with the Lite or Basic packages to see if it can benefit you.

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