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LedgersOnline’s Referrals

bookeeping referrals

Much of LedgersOnline’s success and growth is attributed to the word-of-mouth referrals from some of our great clients. We’ve been able to connect with and help many companies that were struggling with their financial reporting.

Some of these companies had gone through bookkeeper after bookkeeper, struggled with unreliable financial reporting, or may even had been on the brink of being insolvent. In many cases we’ve rescued these businesses from their suffering, thanks to a simple referral from some of our clients.

It appears that now more then ever many businesses, large, medium or small, are trying to cut unnecessary costs wherever they can. One of LedgersOnline’s greatest benefits is our affordability. As our clients already know, our system coupled with our people has resulted in savings of hundreds and thousands of dollars annually, while increasing the quality of financial reporting. Using LedgersOnline means that our clients no longer have to pay for costs like overtime, holidays, benefits, the cost of staff turnover or the cost of providing workspace for their accounting department. LedgersOnline really is a great cost-saver!

So this got us thinking. We have decided to implement a new referral system. We want to get our name out there to those who need our help. Companies that are looking for help, but can’t find a solid, proven performer. Companies that need reliable bookkeeping, but don’t have the budget to employ an entire accounting department.

If you have a good idea about who needs our help, please let us know. Or if you have any ideas as to how you can help us get our name out there, please let us know as well. After all, a good word or review definitely goes a long way!


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