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iPhone apps to help balance the books

Bookkeeping Apps

Everyone knows by now that the iPhone is glamorous and useful. You can use it to check your daily horoscope, take pictures of your kids or your latest kayaking trip, and amazingly enough, count sheep when you can’t sleep (I’m not kidding, there is an iPhone app for this! ).

You can use it to send out that sales proposal, schedule appointments, play music and videos, and of course, talk on the phone with all your customers (sometimes iPhone users forget that this fancy piece of plastic is primarily a mobile phone).

Playing with my new iPhone yesterday I thought: “There is an application for everything. There must be something for bookkeeping”. So I checked out and found a bunch of interesting apps. Upon first glance, there was nothing professional, nothing that could substitute an accounting software or professional bookkeeping services, but there are some apps that can help you with your personal (and corporate) finances.

AppShouter presents a detailed analysis of Balance, a simple application that can replace a traditional ledger. If you are used to Excel, Balance can be a good choice if you want to keep track of the balance of your account on your iPhone or iTouch. Balance maintains a list of credits and debits to your account and, when you enter a new transaction, it automatically recalculates the account’s balance. You can also export your transactions to your computer and then into a number of spreadsheet programs such as Excel and Apple’s Numbers. If you are worried about security, you can protect the app data with a password. The interface is clean and intuitive. Balance is free and you can download it from iTunes.

A more complete app is Mint, a personal finance tool. The first important difference is that Mint allows you to manage all your account (checking, savings, investments). Connecting with over 7,000 banking institutions, enables you to check balances in real time and it helps you track where your money is being spent. You can also create alerts to keep track of your spending habits and find new ways to save money.

Jumsoft Money is another interesting tool for finance management on the iPhone 3.0 It is designed to meet the needs of home users and small businesses. Functional, yet user friendly, Money can manage separate accounts: cash, bank accounts, credit cards. It also provides a reporting function that displays key information in table and graphs to help you to analyze your expenses and keep your finance under control.

These are all free apps. If you are thinking of using something more complete, you might want to try the light version of a paid applications, like iXpenselt Lite or myExpenses Lite. They provide you with all the features of the full version, but are limited to 50 and 20 transitions.

Have you come across any interesting iPhone apps that will help you balance your books?


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