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How to Hire the Best People for your Startup

Having been in business since 2002, here at LedgersOnline we are very familiar with hiring and the recruitment process. We are firm believers that the success of every business depends on each individual team member, but in order to find A-players you need to have an effective recruitment strategy.

In this blog post we’ll be teaching you how to stand out to attract top talent, where to source candidates and how to define an interview process that works.

How to Stand Out to Top Talent

In order to stand out to top talent on the job hunt, start off with your very own employees. Since great people tend to know other great people, your employee’s word of mouth can be an effective start off point for attracting top talent. Many startups use referral programs which give employees additional bonuses when they refer new hires. It is also a good idea to add a careers page to your startup’s website where potential candidates can get an idea of what your business culture is and what types of positions are available. You can view our own career’s page here.

Where to Source Top Candidates

Choosing the correct channel to advertise your open role is essential. At LedgersOnline we tend to use Indeed as the site receives high traffic numbers and allows you the option to set your budget on the roles you advertise. Although LinkedIn and Monster are good alternatives, they can be costly if your ad runs for a long period of time. Your Indeed ad should contain a detailed description of the open role, skill requirements and company information. You should keep an open mind as to what you want to see in a potential candidate’s resume and draw in as many applicants as possible.

Defining an Interview Process that Works

You should have a clear strategy for your interview process before you reach out to candidates. This gives each candidate the same opportunity to impress and ensures a fair hiring process. This strategy should be communicated to candidates upon first contact so they know exactly what is ahead of them. At LedgersOnline we begin our interview process with a phone call which typically gives us a good understanding of their qualifications. The following round is held at our office and it allows us to get a better idea of their personality type, whether they would be a good fit for our team and what their knowledge base is like. Usually, the third and final round involves an interview with our CEO and is focused on the candidate’s culture fit and customer etiquette.

By now you should have a clear fore-runner in mind but its worth noting that you should never break ties with other candidates as they could be the perfect fit for a future role opening.

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