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How Small Businesses are Affected by the Icelandic Volcano

While the airline industry is slowly flapping its wings again the ripple effect of this disaster on many businesses is not yet realized. Many businesses around the globe are all feeling the implications of the Icelandic volcano.

The BBC recently posted a piece online in which they asked small businesses owners how the volcano was affecting them. Among those relating their stories is Yvonne Yang, who owns a flower shop in Toronto, Canada.

The disruption to flights means that she will not receive her regular shipment of flowers from Holland this week, and is being forced to seek alternative sources in South America.

“We pre-order flowers from Holland every week,” she said.

Roses in Ecuador

“This weekend is particularly busy because next week is Administrative Professional’s Day [when bosses buy flowers to show their appreciation for their secretaries], but we’ve been told that our delivery of Dutch flowers won’t be arriving this week.

“During the summer we use local producers but in winter months we source flowers from across the world.

“We’re having to look at other sources, including Ecuador. It’s also going to be more expensive because if you pre-order you’re not paying a premium.

“We now have to look around and see what prices are being offered.”

This story highlights the damaging affect of the eruption on a small business (Toronto) far from the disaster zone but the fear now is that a second volcano may erupt, Katla. If this happens the consequences will be even more devastating as Katla is the larger of the volcanoes.

Source: BBC News


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