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A Better Tool for Top Level Decision Making

The real story behind your company’s numbers can be hard to see when staring at a balance sheet and income statement. To solve this common pain for many business owners and managers, LedgersOnline now offers financial commentary, a narrative to supplement your financial reports so that you gain real insight into your business in a simple and actionable format.

Complex financial statements are transformed into rich visuals that shine a spotlight on emerging trends and opportunities. This enables clear decision making throughout the year.



Improve the communication between you, your bookkeeper, and all your stakeholders. Make important decisions quickly with accurate information and insights. Address the real issues promptly and see the impact this has on the performance of your business and your bottom line.

Financial commentaries are ideally suited for businesses that have their books up-to-date and want to understand their finances better Financial Commentaries are so valuable that you will want to have your books up-to-date in order to have ongoing insight to base your key decisions on. No more guessing and operating in the dark! Once you get started, you will only want to make evidenced based decisions.


Financial commentaries are powered by the intelligent use of cloud based technologies to provide invaluable insight using our value based pricing model – resulting in costs that are affordable and predictable

How To Get Started

1. Contact

Contact LedgersOnline using our quick form below. Give us some basic information about your business.

2. Schedule

We schedule an introductory call to discuss your objectives and any specific items you are seeking.

3. Feedback

If we’re a good fit to work together, we’ll prepare a proposal for your ongoing financial commentary. Your first one will be complimentary. Commentaries could be as frequent as every month every other month, quarterly, or bi-annually.

4. Support

When you receive each period’s financial commentary, you will also get be able to schedule a call with your LedgersOnline Accountant to answer any of your questions and to give you support and recommendations for moving ahead

What You Can Expect

Our financial commentaries are visual reports that tell the story behind your business’ numbers. Think of a financial commentary as a health check for your business, with warning signs or positive trends identified early from the mountain of data your monthly bookkeeping provides — which until now has been largely ignored by most business owners when making key decisions.

Financial commentaries identify key performance indicators and show you clear evidence on how your business is performing each month and how it is tracking towards your long-term goals. Know for certain where your break-even point is each month and if it’s trending up or down; better understand your ever-changing cash flow and expenses; and do a better job of making high level strategic decisions for your company by seeing a clearer path through the forest.

Our Credentials

LedgersOnline has been helping business owners and financial managers overcome hurdles in growing their revenues since 2002. We are one of Canada’s largest bookkeeping and accounting firms and thought leaders in using technology, automation, and experienced staff to provide a premium service at reduced costs. Our team of professional bookkeepers and chartered professional accountants have helped hundreds of businesses make sense of the story behind the numbers. We like to talk in plain English with our clients, to give them advice that is actionable and makes sense to their overall vision to grow their companies.

Schedule a time to have a free chat with LedgersOnline about your business’ objectives.