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Charitable Donations – Critical Information for Haiti Donors

CRA has set up a special website to help advisors and their clients avoid scam artists in the huge effort to help Haiti earthquake survivors. To access the website, link here.

Advisors and their clients should be aware of the rules for tax deductible gifts and the special rules regarding gifts of capital property. You should also be aware of the donation schemes out there and only give to registered charities.

Gifts can be made to:

  • A registered charity
  • Registered Canadian amateur athletic association
  • Tax exempt housing corporation providing low-cost housing for seniors
  • Government of Canada, province or territory, municipality
  • The United Nation and its related agencies
  • Prescribed university outside Canada
  • Charitable organization outside Canada to which our government has made a donation in the tax year or previous tax year
  • Gifts to US charities if you have US income

Note: Gifts to Canada include monetary gifts made directly to the federal Debt Servicing and Reduction Account, sent to the Receiver General requesting this. A tax deductible receipt will be issued.

Meet your charitable donation goals and start receiving the best tax deduction based on your charitable giving.

Educational Resources: Take a look at Master Your Philanthropy by Nicola Elkins, to formulate a strategic plan for your charitable giving.


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