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Can the Apple iPad be used in business?

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A closer look at the features and functionality of the Apple ipad one can agree it is generally aimed towards the home user. It could be classed as a glorified media player with browsing and eReader functionality. Spending $499 – $829 you may question can this device provide more value then this, maybe in the business environment?

Some of these features and functionality include its safari web browser, email functionality, video playback, iTunes, photo viewing capabilities and more, however nothing here suggests of direct business functionality.

One thing that may combat this will be iPad’s access to the App Store. Here intuitive apps are offered that could transform it into a productive business tool. With apps such as Salesforce Mobile, FedEx Mobile Web App, Freshbooks, Webex and iWork Apps, the iPad could be very appealing to business users. Also as this device becomes more widely used developers will keep creating more useful Apps and this may eventually see the Apple iPad adopted in to business.

Source: Product Reviews Net


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