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Bookkeeping Services for Construction Companies

Bookkeeping Expertise, Accessible Anytime

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Our Services

When you’re busy building your business, bookkeeping is usually the farthest thing from your mind. You know it’s important, but so is managing your projects, keeping on top of the day’s work, and keeping your client satisfied.

LedgersOnline helps you run your construction business more smoothly. We provide bookkeeping and accounting services that work hand-in-hand with your workflow. Years of expertise allow us to find ways to unlock more revenue and get more out of your bookkeeping work.

Our team of bookkeepers are familiar with all the major accounting programs being used by construction firms. We know Xero, Quickbooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online, Kashoo, Corecon, Freshbooks, Simply Accounting and others.


A dedicated bookkeeper. – . As we get to know the ebb and flow of your construction company, we’ll be able to suggest improvements and advice to get more out of your bookkeeping work.


Premiere customer support. – Making every one of our clients feel important is fundamental to our business. We want to see your business continue to succeed and grow.


Deep industry expertise. – As one of the oldest and most respected bookkeeping companies in Western Canada we’ll use our collective experience to give you tremendous value and peace of mind.

Starting from
per month
Up to 25 Transactions
1-2 Employees
1-2 Credit/Bank Accounts
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Starting from
per month
Up to 100 Transactions
Up to 5 Employees
1-2 Credit/Bank Accounts
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Starting from
per month
Up to 200 Transactions
10+ Employees
Up to 4 Credit/Bank Accounts
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Starting from
per month
Up to 300 Transactions
10+ Employees
Up to 4 Credit/Bank Accounts
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  •  Bank Reconciliations
  •  Cheque Preparations
  •  Financial Statements
  •  Dedicated Bookkeeper
  •  Access to New Feature
  • Accounts Payable
  •  Expense Reports
  •  Help Desk
  •  Free Periodic Financial Reviews
  •  Access to Additional Pool of Experts 
  • Accounts Receivable
  •  Payroll
  •  LedgerDocs
  •  Prompt Turnaround
  •  And More 

About Us


Since 2002, LedgersOnline has provided hundreds of companies with affordable bookkeeping and premier customer service. We’ve helped many business owners go from owning one small business to owning several different companies, and along the way helped them manage their books and reach their financial objectives.

Our team of professionals have deep experience with helping business owners get their financials in shape. As well, we bring a long-term vision to your books, to make sure that your monthly numbers are working towards a bigger objective for you.

LedgersOnline is also a leader in using technology to increase bookkeeping productivity. We developed software called LedgerDocs which allows both our bookkeepers and franchisee clients provide greater communication and faster workflow. LedgerDocs has been so well received by the bookkeeping community that it is being used by other bookkeepers to provide greater value to their clients.


Why Construction Companies Choose LedgersOnline

You’ve heard the advice that if you want a job done right, you hire a professional that knows how to do it. The same holds true for the two worlds of construction and building, and for bookkeeping and accounting.

Construction companies use LedgersOnline to help guide them towards financial objectives. We provide monthly services and strategic long-term vision to help you reach whatever goals and objectives you have for your growth.

  • If you want to unlock revenue that’s tied up in current projects, we can help.

  • If you want to find ways to make bank loans, lines of credit and your long-term debt work better for your construction company, we can help.

  • If you want assistance understanding the complexities of GST or HST for the Canadian construction industry, LedgersOnline can help as well.

Whether your construction business is centered on civil, commercial, residential or government construction projects, LedgersOnline can offer more value than just taking care of your books. We can help you achieve more growth and reduce your worry about the big picture and your financial numbers.

Every client is unique, and we can shape our strategy to fill in the missing gaps in your current bookkeeping needs. The cost can be fixed and affordable to your expectations.

Contact us for a free assessment on your bookkeeping. No obligation.