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Managing Cheques for your Small Business

We often get asked questions relating to cheques and how best to handle them when using specific accounting software. To help you with cheque related tasks we've put together this blog post designed to answer two of our most frequently asked questions.

Five Tech & Accounting Trends for 2020

The year ahead is bringing some new tech trends with it. Opportunities are there for businesses who are ready to adapt, embrace change and become confident data and artificial intelligence navigators.

Bookkeeping Tips for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time filled with busy days and nights, making it difficult to sometimes focus on the financial health of your business. It is easy to lose track of time during this season, when your clients want their work completed quickly.

Should You Register Your Business for GST and PST?

Are you unsure of whether or not your business should register for PST or GST? This can be easily overlooked by small business owners throughout Canada.

Hiring a Freelance Bookkeeper vs. Firm

For many small and medium sized businesses, the decision to outsource bookkeeping can be difficult, as hiring a freelance bookkeeper or a bookkeeping firm cuts into their revenues as an additional cost. On the other hand, having a qualified professional step in and take over bookkeeping gives the management team an opportunity to focus more on how to take their business to the next level.

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