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2012 Year End Tax Planning Considerations

Tax planning is a year-round activity and a vital component of the financial planning process. Since we are approaching the end of the calendar year, it is an ideal time to pay special attention to various tax issues in advance of the end of the 2012 taxation year.

Sales Tax For Amazon from September 15th

Come September 15th Amazon will be charging sales tax on purchases for California residents. Up to now you were able to generate savings by shopping on Amazon as no sales tax was collected.

PST is returning to BC, Know the Facts

In 2011 BC held a referendum to decide whether or not to keep the harmonized sales tax (HST) in effect or revert back to Provincial Sales Tax (PST). After calculating the results BC will be re-implementing PST on 1 April 2013. Changing back to PST will be a complex situation, but the government has prepared for a smooth transition over the next year by implementing the changes in multiple stages.

Top 8 Reasons why your yearly tax refund check might be missing

Whether you are living in Canada or in the US, tax days are crucial for everyone.

Lines Of Credit, Bank Loans and Long Term Debt in Construction

Under GAAP, liabilities are classified as current when they are payable within one year or within the normal operating cycle of the business when that is longer. Current liabilities normally include:

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