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New Tax Requirements for growing businesses

A high percentage of small to medium-sized businesses will look to grow sometime during their life cycle. Therefore it is important to know some of the new tax requirements that come with growth. In this post you will find some important information relevant to this which first appeared on the Small Business BC website.

HST benefits questioned as marketing propaganda

HST is a controversial topic and has been for some time. There are some views from people that this will provide many benefits and I’ve touched on this in earlier posts. But in reality this can be hard to believe with many questioning where these voiced benefits are coming from. Lu Wang of “The Province” newspaper has strong views on this and below is an excerpt from a recent writing.

Missed the personal tax filing deadline?

The deadline for tax filing has passed, but there are still a few important things to know or keep in mind:

Tips for avoiding the harmonized sales taxman

With everyone being so serious about HST it was only fitting I came across this article shown below in “The Globe and Mail” newspaper by Dianne Nice. This bold look into ducking the harmonized sales taxman was an interesting read and some what controversial. Therefore I decided to make my own observation on Dianne’s tips.

HST preparation for Technology Companies

After treading through the internet recently looking for information related to HST and how Technology companies can prepare, I stumbled upon a descriptive article from KPMG. Prepared by Lesley Tela and Dianne Bomben below is an excerpt from that article summarizing some relevant points from the detailed piece.

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