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Review of MileIQ App for Business Tax Purposes

Review of MileIQ App for Business Tax Purposes

MileIQ is suitable for organizations that need to track mileage for numerous employees, and it also is a good solution for business owners that need to track travel mileage for tax purposes.

Designed to be easy to use, the application can be simply downloaded and forgotten about it, as the product is designed to work in the background, with users only required to do the installation.

Users can choose to utilize MileIQ’s basic mileage tracking, though the system can be personalized by adding default vehicles, locations, and general travel purposes to the application in order to track mileage in better detail.

Users can easily classify drives as business and personal with a single swipe, with a swipe to the left indicating a personal trip, while a swipe to the right will indicate a business trip. Trips to the doctor or other healthcare institutes can be recorded as medical. Users can also set up a variety of custom categories.

Once users have established the primary purpose of the trip, secondary classifications can be applied as well, for more detailed tracking of mileage expense, with users able to create both business and personal categories for more in-depth tracking. Business hours can be indicated on MileIQ, so any driving that takes place during the indicated business hours would automatically be classified as a business trip, though users can easily customize the entries if needed.

Users can also easily view all drives from the comprehensive MileIQ Dashboard, which can be viewed from any device, including desktop computers, laptops, and smart phones and tablets. The dashboard provides easy travel/mileage management, with users able to view all trips, add or edit trip details, add additional vehicles, and create mileage expense reports, with the created report emailed to the user directly.

Users are provided with a variety of getting started resources that help with system installation and setup, and how to track the first drive. They can also easily contact Mile IQ support via email for answers to their questions.

Mile IQ is definitely a good solution for businesses that need to manage employee mileage.

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