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Business Management Tips: Should You Hire a Bookkeeper?

Bookkeeper salaries can range widely, depending on a person’s level of expertise and their location. Benefits vs. costs of bringing on a bookkeeper full time must be factored in before you make a hiring decision.

Bookkeeping Services: LedgersOnline’s Referrals

Much of LedgersOnline’s success and growth is attributed to the word-of-mouth referrals from some of our great clients. We’ve been able to connect with and help many companies that were struggling with their financial reporting.


How to Choose Bookkeeping Software for Your Small Business

You can find many online resources and reviews that can help you to choose the best bookkeeping software for your business. However, before evaluating various bookkeeping products and features, you may want to consider these 5 tips.

Scam Alert - Employee Banking Information Fraud

Requesting employee banking information changes is a common type of fraud nowadays. Unfortunately any company, regardless of it's size or industry, is at risk of being attacked by scam artists.

Bookkeeper Profile: Meet Janette

We are excited to introduce Janette to the LedgersOnline bookkeeping team. Janette has an extensive resume providing bookkeeping services to a variety of incorporated and sole proprietor clients, as well as 10 years of working in the co-op sector. Her industry experience includes construction, property developers, restaurants, retail, eCommerce, daycares, non-profits, and professional services.

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