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Five Ways to Recognise Malicious Spam Emails

We all get our share of spam. But how do we differentiate between simple commercial spam and the types of emails that want to get us in trouble, especially if we think it might be real and from someone we know?

5 Tips to Set Up your Bookkeeping System for a New Company

It is considered an obligation for every organization or business to keep its accurate bookkeeping. Records must be kept at hand especially during the end of a financial year. Any set of accounts must show the incurred expenses, revenues and profits.

Guide to Cloud Based Accounting

Over the next few years online accounting for businesses of any size, is going to be the norm. As more of accounting software becomes cloud based, online accounting can reduce overall costs because it reduces or eliminates the need for in house IT resources.

Common Accounting Errors Made by Small Businesses

Many small businesses will do their own accounting and often with little expertise. This post highlights the common small business accounting errors to avoid.

How Virtual Accounting Can Help Your Business

Outsourcing a non-core competency services such as accounting has become an increasingly common trend for today’s businesses. Virtual accounting is the newest model to traditional outsourced methods which is more cost effective and efficient.

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