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Android Apps that help construction companies with Bookkeeping & Accounting

These great construction applications that complement your bookkeeping and accounting now have solutions for your android smart-phone devices to help be on top of things regardless of your location. Below is a list of these applications including the types of construction companies that use them.

10 Tools for Online Bookkeeping, Invoicing and Online Document Management

It is essential to keep a healthy set of books for any business. For start up businesses in particular they often maintain their own books rather than using a bookkeeping firm due to low volume of activity. These days there are many online accounting tools available to get these businesses set up with their bookkeeping, invoicing and document management.

Viral Technology to Strengthen your Business – From online fax to Cloud Computing

The latest trend in global technology is implementing and developing programs that work within “The Cloud.” What I mean by “The Cloud” is a nontraditional network of information that allows a business to outsource the majority of its information processing to a third party company. Even traditional services like online fax and word processors are going viral, encouraging “Green IT” and environmental sustainability. Here are the pros to bringing your business off of the ground and into a cloud network.

10 Budgeting & Money Management Android Apps

Below is a list of Android Apps that can help you better manage your money. They help you track your spending, set goals and even keep track of your bank accounts. Budgeting and money management apps help you stay on top of your finances — in real time.

Top 10 BlackBerry Apps for Small Business

The list below is a definitive collection of Blackberry apps for the small business owner. Listed are 10 of the best:

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