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LedgersOnline Partnering with Clarity Accounting (Kashoo)


LedgersOnline has recently partnered with Clarity Accounting known now as Kashoo to offer an additional integrated virtual bookkeeping solution.

Clarity Accounting is an online accounting software for Small Business and Self-Employed Professionals. The complexity and confusion that comes with learning a detailed accounting program is often the main reason why small business owners and self-employed workers allow their bookkeeping to fall behind. However, with Clarity, those struggles are non-existent. The package fully integrates with LedgersOnline and complements our virtual bookkeeping system.

Clarity Accounting takes away that stress by offering an accounting solution that is a breeze to understand, easy-to-use, and very accessible. The interface is very user-friendly so navigating through each page and function is a snap. In fact, Clarity is so intuitive it will organize your data automatically once you’ve entered in the basics. Clarity, like LedgersOnline, provides the security and piece of mind that your financials are in safe hands as your data is backed up on a regular basis via a 128-bit encrypted link, the same as online banking.

As with Ledgersonline, accessing your financials through Clarity Accounting is as easy as logging into your laptop or PC. Track your financials from the office, at home, or on the road. What if you just don’t have time to enter your data? Not a problem. By using Clarity Accounting’s Multi-User Support feature you can give you private log-in access to your bookkeeper (LedgersOnline), accountant, or co-worker so he/she can handle those entries for you.

Clarity Accounting is designed to simplify your accounting needs, while at the same time saving you time and money, and providing piece of mind that your financials are current and in order. When used in sync with LedgersOnline you have a fully integrated accounting package that delivers the goods at a click of button.

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