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LedgersOnline 2015 Year in Review

See our highlights below.


New Website

Keeping up with the ever increasing growth of mobile browsing, we decided to build a more modern website that was responsive and we launched it in May.

New Office

With an updated layout to house our expanding team and closer proximity to the sea bus terminal, this was an important move for us in June.

Staff Expansion

From a retiring employee (Diane) to much needed additions to our team, we welcomed Marcia, Renée, Cindy, Sanjna and Harrison during a busy 5 month period.

Ruby and Lilly

Our resident office dog Munchers acquired new friends when Meredith (Ruby) and Renée (Lilly) became proud owners of beautiful black Labradors.

QuickBooks App Store

Following the release of our QuickBooks Online integration we listed on their app store (apps.com). This was a big milestone for our LedgerDocs app which is included in services.

QuickBooks Connect

In November we attended QuickBooks Connect (San Jose) for the first time as sponsors with our LedgerDocs application.


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