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Intuit GoPayment Turns your Phone Into Credit Card Terminal

Intuit GoPayment

Intuit has recently launched a service to make small businesses accept credit cards easier, by using cell phones as credit card terminals.

The service, called GoPayment, works with various flip phones and with the BlackBerry Curve, but not with iPhone (however, there is an iPhone app that accomplishes it). There is no need for additional hardware: you log into GoPayment from your phone’s browser, enter the payment details on the keypad, and in seconds you will receive electronic confirmation on your mobile, with an option to e-mail or text message the receipt to your customer.In any case, if you want to, you can purchase an optional Bluetooth card swiper and a Bluetooth swiper/printer from Intuit at a reasonable price.

GoPayment can be the right solution for small businesses and mobile service providers. If more than one employee is using the system, you do not need to open more than one account: you can add as many employees as you need to a single account by providing them a user ID (and a supported phone, of course).

All transaction information is available online from the GoPayment Merchant Service Center from any computer. Then, to save time and increase the accuracy of your bookkeeping, you can download GoPayment transactions into QuickBooks financial software.


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