Scott Allan, My Experiences Interning with LedgersOnline

Capilano University

Over the years, the LedgersOnline team has worked with a number of Co-op students from Capilano University’s Accounting Assistant program. Our latest intern, Scott, was a hard-working and knowledgeable intern who worked closely with our team of bookkeepers and accountants for the past two weeks. It was a pleasure working with Scott, and we thought we would share what he had to say about his experience working with us:

I have recently completed the academic requirements of the Accounting Assistant program from Capilano University in North Vancouver, British Columbia. The practical requirement of the program is a two week placement with a company where we are able to apply our newly acquired skills. I was fortunate enough to be placed with LedgersOnline Inc, a bookkeeping and accounting firm dedicated to helping small and medium sized businesses with their financial needs.

While enrolled at Capilano University, I had very good instructors who trained us with a number of well-known accounting programs, most notably, Simply Accounting and QuickBooks. Before we were taught anything about the software programs, we learned the fundamentals of accounting (debits and credits), and completed them manually. Once the foundation was laid and absolutely understood, we proceeded to learn about the accounting applications. During our training, the students were required to post business transactions within the program in an orderly, accurate, and simplified (perhaps overly) environment. The systematic approach was meant for students to gain a basic foundation from which we could grow. I must agree that this was an effective way for me to learn and thrive. The “real world” into which I was placed is a bustling business with a team working interdependently cohesive.

On my first day of practicum, I wondered to myself why in the world this company would spend the time to show a rookie like me how to do bank reconciliations for real clients? I would like to think that the CEO, Wayne Zielke, and his team believe that the growth of their business is linked to giving back to the academic and local community. The team was very helpful and understanding, while I methodically worked and questioned my way through the assigned tasks. The speed and accuracy by which the team at LOL completes work for their clients is astounding. I aspire to be as complete a bookkeeping professional as Wayne’s team clearly is. This firsthand look at the accounting/bookkeeping industry has opened my eyes to what is possible, and where I may be headed. Finally, I would like to thank Wayne and his team for this experience and opportunity.

Scott Allan

Capilano University
Applied Business Technology
Accounting Assistant Program

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