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FreshBooks – Online Invoicing and Time Tracking Tool

FreshBooks Online Bookkeeping

We have seen that web based tools can help us in managing our bookkeeping cost effectively with high quality results. But coming to the daily routine, what does this mean?

For example, small business owners used to doing bookkeeping themselves should know to be organized as to avoid missing records when you give your shoebox to your accountant.

Now, let’s think about invoicing: a good process for managing your invoices results in getting paid quickly. Then, professional looking invoice can even improve your clients’ perception of your company.

But we all know that sometimes life for a small business can be very busy and when you have to respond to your customers or working on a project with a tight deadline, it just happens that you do not pay attention to your bookkeeping. If you have experienced this situation lately, maybe you should consider using an online tool, or SaaS application for your invoicing.

One such tool is FreshBooks, a popular online invoicing and time tracking application that can help you to manage your bills and invoice your clients.

With an easy to use interface, you can automate your billing process, starting from expenses and time tracking, to receiving payments. This combination of ease-of-use and automation not only saves you time, but gives you a better chance of getting paid faster.

How? You and your staff can keep track of the time spent on projects and generate invoices directly from timesheets. In case of recurring invoices, you can set up auto-billing to automatically charge your client’s credit card. Then, the clients can access their account history and invoices online and pay by credit card or PayPal. Do they forget to pay? FreshBooks allows you to send automatic late payment reminders to clients when a bill is past due.

The product also integrates to other accounting applications, as QuickBooksSimply Accounting or exports CSV files. So, if you deem FreshBooks fits your needs, you will be able to integrate it easily in your bookkeeping or customer care routine.


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