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Corecon v7 – Online Construction Software Suite

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We have been working with Corecon web-based suite of construction Software for a number of years now, read below and you will understand why.

This suite offers many advantageous features enabling you to stay on track of multiple estimates, contracts, change orders and budgets. It has a dynamic ability to handle these workloads and is one of the only software packages to incorporate features like these in to one capable program. This one-system offering is also compatible with many software programs including Microsoft Word, Outlook, Simply Accounting, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise Edition, as well as Canadian versions of QuickBooks. Integration with work programs such as these as well as its many features has ensured every increasing popular status within the constructing industry since its early releases in 2005. Architecture, engineering, and construction firms are amongst its loyal fans.

Their newest release is Corecon v7 and this release boasts the largest update in the company’s history. They hope that this release will fortify their strong position within the construction software industry. Corecon v7 introduces many significant improvements on its previous forms.

Some of the general improvements include:

  • New Database – A new database to accommodate more customization.
  • Enhanced Security – Security has been updated with a more secure login feature for all users.
  • Better Collaboration – Better collaboration for outside project team members.
  • User Interface – User interface has had a makeover with a better functional feel. The left navigation showing modules and features has been replaced with views and tab navigation complimenting new security roles.
  • Dashboard – The dashboard has been revamped due to new stage tracking and the emailing/ faxing options has been greatly advanced with superior template design options.

Some of the new features include:

  • Project Directory – A new project directory with a company role field.
  • Daily Logs – A section to record visitors for daily logs.
  • Tax Codes – US/Canada taxation can now be included in job cost reports.

These improvements belong to a long list of changes Corecon have decided on its predecessor Corecon 2007 (v 6). For me although a gamble in some ways having worked through this new release it is a welcome addition and an absolute must for any size of firm in the construction industry.

Corecon is software that many of our construction clients use. Our online accounting and bookkeeping services integrate with this software. Our team is highly qualified and trained to work with Corecon, for more details. check out our construction bookkeeping services

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