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Business in Vancouver talks to LedgersOnline CEO, Wayne Zielke

Business in Vancouver talks to LedgersOnline CEO, Wayne Zielke

Business in Vancouver magazine is a Vancouver based publication that delivers award-winning, in-depth coverage of the region’s business sectors, while providing valuable information to the people who make the local business landscape one of the most vibrant in Canada.

The magazine offers unique information to business professionals, and also plays a large role in the business community by offering event opportunities, ranked business lists, and access to online articles and journals.

Earlier this month, our friends at Business in Vancouver magazine decided to profile the CEO of LedgersOnline Inc. and have him explain in his own words how he achieved a business goal in the face of significant entrepreneurial challenges.

See the article “How I Did It: Wayne Zielke” for more information on the story of LedgersOnline Inc, and how Wayne built a unique web-hosted accounting firm long before “the cloud” became a buzzword, and how the problems bookkeepers and small businesses have keeping accurate, up-to-date receipts and records led to the creation of LedgerDocs.

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