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Accounting and Bookkeeping services for Corecon users

LedgersOnline Accounting and Bookkeeping services integrates with the every popular web-based construction software, Corecon. All our staff are highly qualified and trained to use this software. We are also an affordable and cost effective solution to any sized construction company looking for Accounting or Bookkeeping help and use the Corecon package.

How small businesses are affected by the Icelandic Volcano

While the airline industry is slowly flapping its wings again the ripple effect of this disaster on many businesses is not yet realized. Many businesses around the globe are all feeling the implications of the Icelandic volcano.

An introduction to QuickBooks for construction

This excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Construction Software Review website. The article is by Duane Craig and is an extremely informative piece for construction companies. Therefore it was very deserving of a mention on our blog.

How terminology can influence a purchase decision

The excerpt below is taking from an article found on ASA Research website. This is a really informative piece which I felt was worth posting. It highlights the importance of not been blinded by terminology when purchasing accounting software:

Business Readiness Checklist for Banking during Olympic Games

Below is a checklist of last minute items your business should consider as you finalize and implement your 2010 business readiness plan.

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