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(Canwest News Service Published: Wednesday, January 13, 2010)

Gifts for the entrepreneur in your life

Google today announced that it was doing something a little different this year, and instead of dishing out gifts to their top Ad Sense and Ad Words users, it was donating $20 million to 25 charities.

A nap can improve your memory

You may think that this post has nothing to do with accounting. If you have never forgotten your tax deadlines or you always know where you put your receipts, you are right: this post has nothing to do with accounting and you can go ahead and read some other interesting tips for your business here.

Reputation and customers management

A hairdresser displays an enlightening poster on their cashier counter. It says: “If you are happy about our service tell others, if you are not, tell us.”

Accounting as a Career

Accounting is often considered a stable, secure profession with lots of growth opportunities, even in times of crisis. Some might think that it’s not the most glamorous profession or that it’s not a social one. But indeed, accountants do spend a lot of time with people, because ultimately its about the relationship. Building a good relationship with clients is very important in order to be a good – and successful – accountant.

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