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Hiring a Small Business Accountant vs. Doing it Yourself: A Guide for Canadian Business Owners

The New Year is over – and tax season is on full-tilt.

That means thousands of small business owners and self-employed Canadians are scrambling to wrap their heads around paying and filing their taxes.

Choosing Small Business Accounting Software: 6 Things Canadian Small Businesses Should Look For

Nearly all small businesses today use some form of accounting software, to keep their financial functions moving efficiently and (relatively) error-free. But choosing the right small business accounting software package can be difficult. Before you commit to any single small business accounting package or platform, here are six critical factors to consider:

Essential Bookkeeping Truths to Make the Most Out of your Accounting Software

Many entrepreneurs are realizing the value of using accounting software-as-a-service vendors.

But just having access to software is no substitute for understanding financial management fundamentals. The more you know about the principles of financial management for small businesses, the more benefit you’ll get out of the software.

To help deepen your understanding, here are seven principles of bookkeeping that apply to small businesses in all industries.

5 Essential Managerial Finance Tips for Canadian Business Owners

Opening a small business is one thing; operating it is quite another.

Monitoring everything from hiring and firing to benefits management to marketing, maintenance, fleet operations, inventory, training and everything in between takes enormous attention to detail.

Why Did Your Bookkeeper Go Missing?

Let’s tell a scary story for the business owners reading these words.

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