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LedgersOnline has provided bookkeeping and accounting services for over 15 years. Our clients have ranged from solopreneurs to rapidly growing businesses in industries like technology, construction, professional services, manufacturing, retail, and more. Over this time, we have found that most small businesses lack the useful insight to help them understand and evaluate how well their businesses are performing.

Sure, the business owner can request an update on the company’s numbers from their bookkeeper. That usually produces a bunch of papers filled with rows of numbers, and ultimately the company’s present-day net balance. But still, it’s a complex document to try and figure out, especially if you are a time-pressed business owner.

In this guide to construction bookkeeping, we review some of the key factors that any contracting business should consider as they review their bookkeeping processes. Contractors and their company bookkeepers alike can use this guide to ensure they are thinking through the various scenarios and complexities when it comes to setting up a construction bookkeeping system.

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