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Contactor feature facilitates real-time project tracking and closes the communication loops between contractor and client. Businesses now have instant visibility into a contractor’s progress on a project in near real time, to rapidly respond to client questions and eliminate the time wasted with multiple emails and phone calls.

December 31st has come and gone. Was this the end of your fiscal year? If so, then it’s time to start thinking about taxes and organizing the shoebox of receipts to send off to your accountant. Despite year-ends being the source of numerous sleepless nights and headaches, they are also the most important reports for any business to issue. They will be used for tax preparation, future reference, and smarter decision making. Below is a simple checklist of items you should prepare for your tax professional:

We will be away for the holidays for a day on either side of the weekend, so chat, emails, and phones will be unmanned. We will be up and operational as normal on Tuesday, December 29th.

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