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A closer look at the features and functionality of the Apple ipad one can agree it is generally aimed towards the home user. It could be classed as a glorified media player with browsing and eReader functionality. Spending $499 – $829 you may question can this device provide more value then this, maybe in the business environment?

New tax will change business practices and pinch cash flow. Small-business owners who procrastinate or fail to prepare in May for the 12% HST in July risk a host of negative consequences.

Fee iPads are been handed out to students from three universities and faculty with hopes that Apple’s tablet will transform education. These universites include Seton Hill University, George Fox University and Abilene Christian University each pre-ordered bundles of iPads with plans to experiment with how the tablet could change learning in the classroom. Officials from each university saw the iPad as having potential to render printed textbooks obsolete.

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