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With so many business apps available for android users, it can be difficult to choose one that is right for your business. See three great apps that our team uses here at LedgersOnline.

The article excerpt below appeared recently on The Globe and Mail which states the rule changes for Canadian charities. This came as a surprise for many charities across Canada are scrambling to figure out the impact of a surprising number of rule changes spelled out in this week’s federal budget, which caught the sector off guard.

For tax season there are a number of things that a small business owner can do to avoid Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) penalties. Below are 10 tax tips that will help discussed by Dawn McGeachy (Director, Public Practice at CGA Canada ):

Are you a small business owner that just needs to calculate Net Income for your personal income tax return? Are you overwhelmed with most of the web based or desktop accounting applications out there? Tired of using spreadsheets? Don’t know or even care what a balance sheet is? Skyledger could be the solution for you. Skyledger to makes your bookkeeping and accounting dead simple. This online application has all the tools to keep your bookkeeping and accounting up to date.

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