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It is necessary for any business, especially those in British Columbia, to be aware of the BC provincial government re-implementing the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) along with Goods and Services Tax (GST) that will take the place of the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) that is currently in place. In order to be ready for the shift back, here is some information and tips that might make for an easier transition.

The Canada Revenue Agency’s main duty is to maintain public confidence in the fairness and integrity of Canada’s tax system. Generally, they do this through income tax, GST/HST, and payroll audits. The Canada Revenue Agency records tax returns in a computer system, enabling them to easily select returns that stand out. There are four main ways of selecting files to be audited:

Tax planning is a year-round activity and a vital component of the financial planning process. Since we are approaching the end of the calendar year, it is an ideal time to pay special attention to various tax issues in advance of the end of the 2012 taxation year.

We are excited to welcome North Vancouver BC residents, Lisa and Jirina to our ever expanding team of bookkeepers. Both have a wealth of experience working within many industries ranging from construction to software development. Simply Accounting, QuickBooks, and AccPac are some of the accounting applications they have expertise in.

Bookkeeping for many industries is a chore and many small business owners are also often unequipped when it comes to keeping a clean set of books, the construction industry is no different. Below is a list of five common deadly sins of construction bookkeeping:

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