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If you have had a chance to speak with any of the fantastic members of the LedgersOnline team, chances are you have heard at least a few stories regarding our cherished document management system, LedgerDocs. If not, we would love to introduce you to the application that has played such an integral role in terms of how we communicate and interact with our clients.

LedgerDocs is a document management system built by members of the LedgersOnline staff. Initially, this was a tool designed by Wayne Zielke, CEO of LedgersOnline, to simplify the process of receiving documents from clients. Over the years, we have gradually grown the application by adding new features to help streamline the process even more. In 2012, we decided to release our application into the public, and have received great feedback from accounting publications and users alike, from around the world.

Our team has been working hard over the past two years to make LedgerDocs into a tool that not only allows for clients to send documents to their bookkeeper easily, but also allows for clients to log in and view their documents at their convenience, in their customized online filing cabinet. This means that you can send your receipts and bank statements to LedgerDocs, and file the source documents into a shoebox far far away. If you need to look at a document later on, you can log in to LedgerDocs and quickly search for it!

Over the past year, we have released a number of new features to make the bookkeeping process more efficient for both the bookkeeper and the business owner. Our latest integration with QuickBooks Online, for example, allows for users to create bills and invoices directly from the LedgerDocs document viewer, while adding the source document as an attachment in QBO. We also released an integration with Dropbox earlier in the year which allows for users to easily transfer information between an active Dropbox account and your LedgerDocs account, adding a number of accounting oriented features to Dropbox.

We are also proud to announce a brand new LedgerDocs website which went live earlier this week and showcases the application in more detail. Make sure you take a look and see all the features that bookkeepers, accountants, and business owners will appreciate. We also have a great blog filled with informative articles relating to online document management, cloud accounting, and other tips and tricks involving to the industry.

If you have any questions about LedgerDocs, feel free to get in touch with our friendly support team. We always love showing off the app!


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