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8 Essential Financial iPad Apps for Small Business

An iPad is a great productivity device, but are there apps to fit small business financial needs? With well over 500 apps and counting in the iTunes finance category you’re bound to find one that fits but with so many apps it can be tough to know where to begin. Below are 10 essential apps from this category to get you started.

 1. Converter Plus for iPad

Cost: $1.99.

Convert practically anything — area, weight, currencies, temperature, bits, bytes and so on — with this helpful app. It also includes loan, tip, mortgage, and other calculators.

2. Debt Payoff Pro

Cost: $.99.

Many small business owners juggle multiple lines of credit. This handy app helps you manage your credit using the “snowball” method. You make the minimum payments on your various debts until the first is paid off; then you use the money you’d have paid on that debt to starting paying down another debt, and so on. There are similar debt management iPad apps, but this is one of the highest rated.

3. Easy Books

Cost: free.

This money management app for small businesses lets you track your accounts, sales, expenses, invoices, and assets all in one place. You can generate invoices in PDF format and track your time. Worth noting: While the app is free, certain features such as time tracking ($16.99) are “in-app purchases.”

4. eBay & PayPal Fee Calculator

Cost: $.99.

If you’ve sold on eBay, you’ve probably been frustrated by the inability to easily see exactly how much each sale will cost you in fees. This iPad app helps by taking some of the mystery out of eBay, and PayPal, fees.

5. Economy for iPad

Cost: $3.99.

Want the big picture on the U.S. economic situation? This is your app. It provides the latest info and graphics on key economic indicators, such as employment, housing, GDP and the trade deficit; graphs for tracking indicators across time periods; and information on state-specific economic indicators for all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

6. Numbers

Cost: $9.99.

The iPad version of Apple’s spreadsheet program includes useful templates with built-in formulas and designs, including a mortgage calculator, expense report, travel planner, invoice, personal savings, car log and loan comparison. You can export your documents to Excel or PDF, too.

7. Square

Cost: free.

Do you sell at flea markets? Operate a gourmet taco truck? If so, you can easily accept credit cards with a Square free card reader (with connects to your iPad’s microphone jack), a free Square account, and the free Square iPad app (also available for iPhone and Android). After everything’s set up, it’s super easy to transact business with a quick credit card swipe. And Square’s take is reasonable: the company gets 2.75 percent of every transaction, but there’s no fee on top of that and no contract.

8. Time Master + Billing

Cost: $9.99.

Independent contractors need a reliable tool for tracking time and generating invoices, and this is their go-to iPad app. You can record time entries using a stopwatch or by entering the time manually; run multiple timers at once (and they keep running even when you’re not using the app); track expenses; export your time entries to QuickBooks; and more.



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