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5 Reasons to (Finally) Embrace Mobile Marketing

We've gone way past the "cool new thing" stage. In terms of the usefulness of mobile marketing, we're even beyond the "strong suggestion" stage and are pretty much into the "seriously, why aren't you doing this" stage?

Because the marketplace is asking for you to be mobile, and they're not really asking out loud either. Instead, they're enjoying communicating with their phones for texting, social network posting, emailing or perhaps even voice-to-voice talking.

Essentially, businesses that want to stay in business need to stop considering and start moving toward mobile-based solutions for their customers. Or else make their resistance a selling point to appeal to others who are also hesitating, while the rest of the world chugs ahead.

If you're still looking for reasons to switch – or perhaps more evidence to convince the decision-makers in your organization -- try these.

Your Audience is Mobile

Mobile isn't just where the audience is right now, but where it will be. At the end of 2014, mobile marketers reported that there would be about 1.91 billion smartphone users world-wide in 2015, which would grow by 12.6 percent to 2.16 billion in 2016, and up to 2.56 billion by 2018 – this works out to be just over half the world's population. Unlike the U.S., which has added smartphones to existing telecom infrastructure, some developing countries are going straight from no phones to the most modern smartphones.

More People Are Purchasing on Mobile

Though browsing and socializing has always been popular, especially with texting and Skype/Facetime-type interactions, people of all ages are also carrying out purchases with their mobile devices. Business Insider reports that 1 in 4 mobile shoppers are above age 55. And though women generally make more purchases then men, men are also prolific mobile shopers – 57 percent of women made a purchase in 2013, with men just at 52 percent, but in 2014, it was 22 percent men and 18 percent women. Altogether, 78 percent of the U.S. population above age 15 bought something online in 2014, or 198 million consumers.

Mobile Allows You to Have the Greatest Reach

Mobile users are always on. Online shopping shattered the traditional retail storefront model, where you could only do business during business hours. But mobile phones have taken this even further where you can do anything, anytime on your phones. For instance, according to Email Monday, people don't seem to mind checking their phones throughout the day, starting when they wake up, then during their commute, even on vacations. So a well-placed campaign, especially something involving texts or emails, can be effective at catching people throughout their day.

Customers Plan Off-Line Purchases on their Mobile

Mobile helps shoppers plan off-line purchases. It's now normal to price-check when you're out and about – "Does Amazon/Best Buy/Target have this cheaper?" "Are there any online coupons for this?" According to Mobile Payments Today, 80 percent of purchasing decisions are influenced by mobile devices, even if they eventually complete their purchase in person. Retailers can even facilitate this with email newsletters, a text campaign, mobile-friendly VIP area of their site or their own mobile app. Stores are also experimenting with detecting when people are near their location and sending them texts.

Deals on Mobile Perform Well

Businesses aren't the only one who are all about saving money. The modern consumer also loves to save some bucks here and there. Mobile Commerce Today tells us that 96 percent of mobile users actively look for digital coupons before making a purchase. So if a company sends them coupons regularly, even if it's an automated text on their birthday, they'll likely be excited about the offer. A VIP club that offers discounts also can be appealing.

Today's mobile landscape can be compared to the late 1990s when companies were unsure as to whether "the online thing" was here to stay. And it was.


Sophorn is an inbound marketer specializing in attracting targeted visitors and generating sales qualified leads. Through Trumpia's SMS marketing automation solution he helps businesses and organizations communicate effectively with their customers or members.


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