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5 Apps To Improve Small Business Productivity

Productivity apps are here to stay and are helping business owners and employees around the world plan and strategize more effectively. At LedgersOnline we’ve scoured the internet for suggestions and tested top recommended apps so that we could compile a list of our favourite productivity apps for you. 

Founded in Vancouver, Slack is an instant messaging application with a difference. Not only does it allow for IMs, group chat and file sharing, it also contains persistent chat rooms or channels organized by topic. All content you create in Slack is searchable making it easier for you to find historic conversations and files. Slack integrates with services including Zendesk and Asana and is the perfect communication tool for small businesses. 

Trello is one of our favourites and great for scheduling and planning tasks. It is a customizable digital bulletin board you can use to create To Do lists and notes. You can invite people to collaborate on boards and Trello gives you the option to drag and drop each item on your lists or move to another list. Trello is available on iOS and android and is free for personal use while Trello for business costs $9.99 a month. 

1Password stores all of your passwords, PIN codes, credit cards and more, saving you time on the web. All of your passwords are protected behind one Master Password which only you know. It also allows you to sign into supported apps on your iPhone with one tap. 1Password could be a huge time saver for you if you find yourself forgetting login details a lot.

Basecamp is a powerful project management tool and its latest update, Basecamp 3, includes several changes. One of its new features, Campfires, allows for seamless group chat and its scheduling option gives users the ability to set deadlines and milestones. Basecamp’s reports feature also helps users to catch up on team activities and pinpoint what tasks are overdue or due soon.

Freedom is a productivity app designed to improve focus and remove distractions. Freedom gives users the option to block websites, email and online app content for a specific amount of time using a limited VPN system. Available on Mac, Windows, iPhone and iPad, Freedom also has a scheduling feature allowing you to schedule work time. This is an essential app to use if you find yourself getting easily distracted.

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