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4 Ways To Keep Your Business Motivated This Summer

When you are stuck behind your desk looking at the shining sun outside the window, your work tasks can quickly float to the back of your mind. With so much going on, how can we regain our focus, complete our tasks, and head out into the beautiful world of summer? Luckily, I have four fool-proof tips that can help.

Plan your work-week in advance

Whether it is one day at a time, or your entire week, create a list of tasks that need to be completed, and rank them in terms of importance. This give you an idea of what needs to be completed, and gives you a time frame of when the tasks need to be finished. Once you complete a task, make sure you check it off.

Reward Yourself

For each task completed, reward yourself by taking a quick break. If you are a coffee addict like me, take a quick trip to the local Starbucks for a Caramel Frappuccino. Even a brief walk outside helps to clear your mind and gives you a quick minute in the sun. In summertime, a quick break does wonders for regaining your focus for the next task.

Plan a vacation

Planning your vacations in advance allow you to understand what work needs to be completed, and when it needs to be finished. It also gives you something to work towards. Mini vacations on the weekend are also a great way to get the sun out of your system, and gives you the opportunity to regain your focus on your work (at least for a day!).

Limit Distractions

Complete important tasks faster by limiting your distractions. We all have little disruptions that add up over time. I, for example, am always checking my Twitter and Facebook feeds for the latest news. Over the course of a day, it adds up very quickly. Figure out your distraction, and put in place rules to limit it. For me, limiting my social media time to my lunch break allows me to concentrate on the tasks ahead, and give me the ability to complete my work quicker and get out in the sun while it is still shining.

By adopting these four tips, you will be able regain your focus on your work tasks, and hopefully reduce your time spent behind closed doors. Avoiding distractions and rewarding yourself for completed tasks allow you to complete work faster, and will hopefully allow you to have more time enjoying the outdoors. Don’t put your work on the back-burner, just work smarter!


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