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10 Budgeting & Money Management Android Apps

Below is a list of Android Apps that can help you better manage your money. They help you track your spending, set goals and even keep track of your bank accounts. Budgeting and money management apps help you stay on top of your finances — in real time.

  1. Easy Envelope Budget Aid: This app allows you to sync up more than one phone so you can share your budget in your household. Cost: Free
  2. This hugely popular budgeting app, Mint, is available on Android. Keeps you connected to all your accounts. Cost: Free
  3. Personal Budget Droid: Customize your budget, import and export transactions, and more. Cost: Free
  4. mooLa Lite: Track your transactions and schedule recurring bills with this budgeting app. Cost: Free
  5. Financisto: Keep up with multiple accounts, schedule transactions and keep track in any currency. Cost: Free
  6. EasyMoney: This useful app provides you with an easy way to stay on top of your daily expenses. Cost: Free
  7. Budgetroid: Keep track of your budget, and your expenses in real time. This App gives you up to the minute account information as you track your expenses. Cost: Free
  8. Loot: Nice Android app that helps you keep track of multiple accounts and budget with tags. Cost: Free
  9. Pageonce: You can track and pay bills, have more accounts, get notifications and more. Cost: Free (Paid version also available)
  10. Hello Expense: Great data tracker for expense and income. Also keep track of other information. Cost: Free


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