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Accounting Services For Your Business

Large or small, every business needs accounting services. The insights that accountants provide allow you to plan for the future and take your business to the next level. At LedgersOnline our team of accounting experts will apply their expertise to all aspects of your businesses accounting process.

Our accounting services will support and guide you on everything from simple accounting services such as tax deductions, payroll processing, and essential business advice to more complex compliance and regulatory matters. Whatever your needs, engaging with a qualified, affordable accounting services provider will improve your cost efficiency and reduce your workload. That means you can focus your time and energy on growing your business − not on doing your accounts.

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Our Accounting Process

Send Your Documents

Send us your documents by courier, or upload them to LedgerDocs. Our accounting experts will then start working on data analysis and customized reports to help you grow your business.

Our Accountants

Your virtual accounting team of qualified CAs, CGAs, and CPAs is always on hand to provide dedicated support tailored to your needs.

Accounting Completed

We analyze your bookkeeping information to provide you with key financial services, including audits and financial statements, as well as help with forecasting.

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Who Our Accounting Services Support

LedgersOnline has experience in supporting clients across a range of industries. Our accounting and tax services experts are well-versed in the nuances that apply to specific business sectors:


Accounting in the construction industry is typically more complex than it is for most businesses. That’s because such companies have to manage project pricing arrangements and shifting operating costs for design, consulting, engineering, and other professional services. Other complexities include long- and short-term contracts and payments to suppliers of construction materials. Whatever the scenario, LedgersOnline has you covered.

Small Business

 Our accounting services help small business owners keep their fingers on the pulse of their financial performance and make smart fiscal decisions. Our accountants monitor your small business’s costs and earnings, profit and loss, and assets and liabilities − all vital to making informed decisions and planning your next move. While it may be tempting to manage your business’s finances yourself, it’s sensible to entrust them to a trained professional to ensure they’re handled correctly.

Franchise bookkeeping

If you’re a franchise owner, you have more than enough to worry about just running day-to-day operations. Handing over non-core accounting services to LedgersOnline will save you hours of time and effort that you could channel into higher-value, income-generating endeavors. And it will keep your franchisor happy too: with the benefit of standardized accounting procedures in place, your franchisor gains a clear line of sight into your income levels and overall business performance.

Accounting Services In the Cloud

LedgersOnline has built up a solid track record as a leader in cloud accounting services in Canada. Our CAs, CGAs, and CPAs are here to analyze your financial information and deliver a range of services, from tax returns to year-end preparation, all day long. But you also have peace of mind outside of business hours – via access to real-time data and cloud-based document management.

A full accounting team is available to bring your file up-to-date and assist with year-end preparation.

Our professionally qualified CAs and CPAs review your accounting file and provide a variety of financial services.

Services include tax planning, Notice to Reader financial statements review engagements, and income tax returns.

Accounting Insights You Can Use

At LedgersOnline, we do more than just produce reliable accounting reports. With customized reporting from Finsightful, you’ll benefit from actionable insights that help you take charge of your financial future. Our tailored reporting brings the numbers to life, so you can leverage relevant, targeted information to increase your revenues and grow your business.

Types of Accounting Services We Provide

  • Tax Planning: Our experts analyze your financial situation and affairs to ensure you pay the least amount of tax possible. This enables you to maximize your savings and prepare to invest in your next strategic endeavor.
  • Income Tax Returns: We report your income, expenses, and other relevant financial information to your tax authority. Our role encompasses calculating your business’s tax liability, advising you of scheduled tax payments, and, when applicable, requesting tax refunds on your behalf.
  • Notice to Reader Reports: We compile Notice to Reader statements that are compilations of information you provide regarding your business. In these types of statements, the information isn’t subject to any tests, and the accountant who prepares them offers no opinion or assurance. 
  • Review Engagements: Our accountants obtain limited assurance that there aren’t any material modifications that need to be made to your business’s financial statements to comply with the relevant financial reporting framework(s).
  • Audit Engagements: An audit engagement is an arrangement that we enter into with you to perform an audit of your accounting records and financial statements. As a next step, we’ll reach an agreement with you on the services we’ll deliver, the fees for our services, and the timeframe in which they’ll be carried out. 
  • Year-End Preparation: As your 12-month accounting period approaches, we’ll close off your business’s accounts for their year. As part of this exercise, we’ll assess the annual profit, loss, and performance of your business’s finances.

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Why Work With Us

Expert Accounting Support

Flexibility is the hallmark of our approach. Regardless of the types of accounting services you need, LedgersOnline is here to help. We can deliver the most simple accounting services, such as organizing your accounts, keeping your records up to date, and filing your tax returns, if that’s all you require. But our services go further than that. 

Our expert accountants use data to generate reports that deliver valuable insights for small and medium-sized businesses. So, in addition to the peace of mind that comes from error-free professional and affordable accounting services, you’ll also have a suite of insights at your fingertips to help you scale up, drive efficiency, and plan for your future.

We’ll Work With Your Systems

We appreciate the complex challenge of moving to a new accounting application – so we won’t ask you to. Our qualified accountants have experience with a full range of accounting platforms, including QuickBooks, Xero, Kashoo, and Sage50, so you can continue to use your preferred system. Contact us to learn more about our customizable accounting services. 

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