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Accounting and Bookkeeping help for QuickBooks Online


Cloud accounting has officially landed on the scene and is here to stay. It allows organizations to access their financials online, instead of IT managing their own on-premise software and now burdens like maintenance, updates and more belong to a third party. This technology revolutionizes operations, streamlines accounting and saves valuable time and money. However, it presents certain challenges as well.

QuickBooks Online is bookkeeping software designed to alleviate the accounting workload, including invoicing, managing BAS and more. Instead of having to purchase and install software and hardware, QuickBooks Online only requires a high-speed internet connection and standard internet browser.

The result is a more efficient, mobile accounting platform that works from any device and any location. Businesses using QuickBooks Online can collaborate with their accountants or business partners seamlessly, knowing data is protected by enterprise-level security.

However, QuickBooks Online is designed for ease of use over breadth of features. Therefore, it doesn’t have all the accounting methodologies that accountants require to perform certain analyses.

Other limitations include the number of products an organization can offer. Organizations looking for a more extensive range of features can pay a one-time fee for the desktop version.

Additionally, QuickBooks Online carries a history of unscheduled outages.

LedgersOnline Accounting and Bookkeeping services integrates easily with all the popular online versions of QuickBooks accounting software. All our staff are highly qualified and trained to use QuickBooks Online. We act as a virtual Accountant and Bookkeeper working with your existing QuickBooks package logging in remotely from our office in North Vancouver, BC. We are also an affordable and cost effective solution to any sized company looking for Accounting or Bookkeeping help.

LedgersOnline provides affordable bookkeeping services for any business anywhere.

Contact us or learn more about our affordable bookkeeping services and see how we can help you with your books regardless of your location with clients across North America.

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