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Abbotsford Bookkeepers

A Dependable Bookkeeping Service for Abbotsford Businesses.

We work with QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, Xero, Freshbooks, Kashoo, and more.

The LedgersOnline team offers a reliable and effective bookkeeping service that allows you to maintain accurate financial records. We staff professionally qualified bookkeepers, Chartered Accountants, and Certified General Accountants, who work closely with your business to ensure that the financial needs of your business are met.

Each of our clients is assigned a personal bookkeeper from our North Vancouver office who will work one-on-one with you, ensuring the best bookkeeping service possible. We also offer a unique way to share, manage, and collaborate on your documents that saves you from time spent commuting back and forth from your bookkeeper’s office!

About Us

In business for over a decade, the staff at LedgersOnline has had the opportunity to work with clients from around the world, including a variety of sizes and industries. These opportunities have arisen in part, due to our consistent focus on innovation and technology, while offering an outstanding bookkeeping and accounting service.

The creation of our in-house document management application has given us the ability to work with clients in a number of countries, while our accounting application hosting gives our clients the opportunity to share some of the bookkeeping tasks, and work together to satisfy the financial needs of the business.

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Why Choose LedgersOnline?

Abbotsford, known as the raspberry capital of Canada, is a growing city that consistently offers more and more opportunities for local businesses. With a variety of industries, including agriculture, transportation, retail, and the growing aerospace, the city offers one of the most diverse industrial landscapes in Canada. The LedgersOnline team understands the importance of maintaining accurate financial records, and has the knowledge and experience to provide you with an insight into the financial status of your business, while working with you to ensure the success of your business.

LedgersOnline offers a dependable bookkeeping service to businesses throughout the Abbotsford area.

Plans and Pricing

Monthly Bookkeeping packages start at