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XYZ Solutions Inc. Case Study - Bookkeeping & Accounting

This is a relatively new company that has a product that is gaining acceptance in the marketplace. The company now wants to graduate from it's ad-hoc bookkeeping and accounting system to a more formal system with regular reporting and, less involvement from the founders. The founders of the company are experiencing tremendous time pressure as a result of their recent success. They have also acquired a number of stakeholders in the business that are insisting on better and more timely financial reporting. Below is a list of what they were missing before LedgersOnline:

  • Accounting / Bookkeeping personnel with experience
  • Timely and accurate financial reporting to stakeholders
  • The accurate estimates of cash flows or burn rate estimates
  • Inaccurate reporting on budgeted project costs vs actual project costs
  • The ability to know what their financial obligations or accounts payable are at any given time
  • The ability to bill for products and services and collect on a timely basis
  • Time for C level personnel to focus on more important issues

Our Solution

Below is a list of what they received with LedgersOnline Bookkeeping & Accounting Services.
  • Accurate and timely financial accounting support
  • Part-time bookkeeping and accounting services that felt like full-time services through LedgersOnline Help Desk Service
  • A sense of where they are financially
  • More time to focus on running and growing their business
  • The ability to collaborate on the accounting system from anywhere, allowing existing accounting personnel to ease out of the day to day bookkeeping and focus on more important issues

Net Benefits

  • More time to focus on what is important
  • Less stress from outside stakeholders
  • More confidence in project estimating
  • A sense of being in control

We Service

We provide a bookkeeping & accounting service to many technology company types such as a:

  • Biotechnology Company
  • New Media Technology Company
  • Hardware Technology Company
  • Software Technology Company
  • And more

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