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ABC Start-Up Case Study - Bookkeeping & Accounting

This company was started a number of months before they contacted LedgersOnline for help. At that time the accounting was being done in an uncoordinated manner using spreadsheets and a word processor from different home office locations. Below is a list of what they were missing before LedgersOnline:

  • An understanding of what needs to be done for bookkeeping
  • The ability to comply with basic tax filings
  • The understanding necessary to process payroll correctly
  • The ability to send professional invoices to customers

Our Solution

Below is a list of what they received with LedgersOnline Bookkeeping & Accounting Services.
  • The company was setup up on Quickbooks with remote access to their data file on the LedgersOnline server, giving everyone simultaneous access to the accounting system
  • Help to register the business with all relevant tax authorities in order to minimize and eliminate penalties and interest
  • Support for questions the client has regarding expense reimbursement, customer deposits, digital cheques, tax related questions, and other basic accounting issues
  • The ability to store, manage, and collaborate on all of their accounts payable, bank statements, and time sheets/payroll hours for input into their accounting system
  • Access to store, manage, and collaborate on these accounting documents with LedgersOnline's document management online application (included in our bookkeeping services as a value add)
  • Professional invoice billing templates enabling them to easily create invoices for customers
  • Take care of all bookkeeping needs so the clients can concentrate on growing their business
  • Reviews of company financials with the client on a monthly and quarterly basis so the partners know exactly how the company is performing

Net Benefits

  • More time for the partners to focus on growing their young business
  • Reduction in risk to tax authorities
  • A sense of control

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