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Franchiser Inc. Case Study - Bookkeeping & Accounting

This company was looking for a way to connect their corporately owned locations. All of these locations were operating as independent businesses in widely dispersed geographic locations. Below is a list of what they were missing before LedgersOnline:

  • Timely reporting from these geographically distributed businesses
  • An inexpensive information technology solution to connect with these locations
  • General Managers for the locations did not possess any accounting or bookkeeping skills
  • Engaging with local bookkeepers had proved to be ineffective and hard to control
  • The ability to expand rapidly was being hampered

Our Solution

Below is a list of what they received with LedgersOnline Bookkeeping & Accounting Services.
  • A real-time connection between the Head Office and the General Managers.
  • Timely reporting to Head office
  • The ability for Head Office staff to review expenses incurred in local marketplaces via the LedgersOnline document management online application

Net Benefits

  • General Managers sense of Isolation was diminished
  • Head Office was able to make faster decisions based on more timely information
  • Unprofitable locations were identified and closed
  • Frustrations over the inability to do consolidated reporting were eliminated

We Service

We provide bookkeeping and accounting services to many multiple location company types such as a:

  • Multiple Branch Business
  • Franchise Business
  • And more

See how our Online Bookkeeping Services and Accounting Services work. We can also just host accounting application files for 24/7 anywhere access, check out our Accounting Application Hosting Service.

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