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Public Accounting Profile - Extra Bookkeeping Support

We work with a number of public accounting firms to enhance their service offerings. With our outsourced bookkeeping services, a company's financial partners have real-time access to data that is in their own interest to review. The sooner a problem is identified, the sooner you can help them solve it. "We can also offer extra bookkeeping support during tax season when volumes are typically higher than normal".

Outourcing your bookkeeping with LedgersOnline is an attractive option for accounting, audit, and other financial firms to recommend to their clients:
  1. Less of your time spent on tedious bookkeeping tasks
  2. Less of your time written-off, enhancing your recoveries, and increasing your billable time
  3. Addresses conflict of interest rules associated with review and audit engagements
  4. Strengthens client relationships through real-time connectivity and online document management

How It Works

We customize our involvement to fit individual client needs. We are flexible in how we approach each client engagement. Some clients even retain a portion of the bookkeeping and use our service to overcome their deficiencies. We include real-time access to the client's accounting data as part of the bookkeeping services we provide. We are able to deliver their software of choice through our real-time accounting application hosting service. Our most popular solutions are QuickBooks hosting or Simply Accounting hosting.

LedgersOnline treats all of their relationships with Chartered Accounting firms on a strictly confidential, non-compete basis. The solutions we offer are designed to alleviate any last-minute surprises — and to avoid unpleasant negotiations and discounts that often result in client churn. Let the LedgersOnline team of professionals alert you to opportunities to deliver additional consulting and planning services when they arise, not after they pass. Don't ignore a valuable tool that allows you to enhance client relationships.

In its simplest form for a full service solution, the following steps occur on a previously agreed schedule, each month:

  • Paper documents are scanned to our document management system online application
  • Electronic documents are saved to a secure location
  • Our bookkeeping staff enters the information into the clients accounting data file
  • Our qualified accountants then review the information before reports are provided to the client
  • The accountant/client logs on and downloads their financial reports and other accounting documents. We even deliver cheques and accounts receivable invoices right to the clients own printer

Check out our Bookkeeping Services online and Accounting Application Hosting for more information.


By having LedgersOnline perform the day to day bookkeeping for your clients, you will:

  • Have more time to spend for tax planning and corporate tax returns
  • Increase your recoveries on year end engagements
  • Get accurate and up to date financial records which are accessible in
    real time over the internet on a secure server
  • Get a head start on your year ends
  • Have your own live link to your clients accounting data
  • Have access to your clients accounting documents at your desk

We pride ourselves in providing high quality and professional bookkeeping services in a timely manner with real time reporting. Your clients will never have to worry about finding their own personnel as we have a team of bookkeepers on staff.

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